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  • Lance Beauchamp - Campus Minister and Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry
  • Ronald Branning - Associate Professor of Music
  • Cathy Bugg - Associate Professor of Information Technology
  • David Coggins - Associate Professor of Leadership and Christian Education
  • Buford Cox - Professor of Music
  • Bill Davis - Chair of the Music and Worship Division
  • Chris Dickinson - Assistant Professor of English
  • Richard Elligson - Chair of the Theology Division; Associate Professor of Missions
  • Jonathan Erp - Assistant Professor of Guitar
  • Kristy Ford - Chair of the General Education Division; Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counseling
  • Travis Freeman - Professor of Old Testament
  • Tonya Gardner - QEP Director First-Year Student Liaison Instructor of Psychology and Counseling
  • Angela Glover - Professor of Piano
  • Todd Hardin - Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Kaye Johnson - Chair of Teacher Education Division; Assistant Professor of Education
  • Robin Jumper - Academic Dean; Professor of Evangelism and Missions
  • Rich Kincl - Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Ministry
  • James Newell - Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew
  • Chantel Oney - Chair of the Business Leadership Division
  • Mark Rathel - Professor of Theology and Philosophy
  • Geoffrey Reiter - Associate Professor of English
  • Roger Richards - John Sullivan Chair of Baptist History; Curator, Florida Baptist Archives; Professor of History and Christian Studies
  • Jim Robinett - Associate Professor of Christian Studies; Distance Site Director - Jacksonville/Orlando
  • Edwin Scott - Director of Institutional Effectiveness/Institutional Research
  • Phillip Shutt - Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Hannah Strickland - Assistant Professor of Teacher Education